Wednesday, August 1, 2012

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: "The Dodgeball Teens Issue #1"

"The Dodgeball Teens - Issue #1"
Written/Illustrated by Emilio Velez Jr.
28 pages

"The Dodgeball Teens" is a new series of comic books written and illustrated by Emilio Velez, Jr. The comics take place in the fictional city of Dodgeville and chronicle the life and adventures of the teenage Hardy siblings: 16-year-old Max and his younger sisters, 15-year-old Jenny and 14-year-old Coco, competitive dodgeball players with a passion for the game that leaves their rivals in dust every time.

This very first issue introduces the reader to the entire Hardy family, including the siblings' quirky parents, and follows the teens on their first adventure as they work together to foil the evil plan of mad German scientist Dieter Von Sprockets, who is bent on eliminating the game of dodge ball forever. After Dr. Von Sprockets builds a massive robot and drives it into the middle of the city, it's up to Max, Jenny and Coco to step up to the plate to save their city - and defend their favorite competitive sport.

I was quite impressed by this inaugural attempt by Velez. The eye-catching graphics and interesting storyline were very well done, and I appreciated the underlying message addressing the importance of teamwork. It's sure to appeal to readers of all ages.

If you're into comics and looking for something different and/or if you're a fan of competitive sports, I definitely think you should check out "The Dodgeball Teens - Issue #1" by Emilio Velez, Jr.!

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