Saturday, June 25, 2016

Six To Eight Mathematics Rocked Clash Bar in Clifton on June 24th

L to R: Ali McDowell, lead guitarist; Alana Quartuccio, lead singer; Dan Peacock, drummer & former Hollywood Stuntman; and Mary Beth Kochmar, bassist.

Remember last week when Runnin' Down a Dream's interviewed our buddies Six To Eight Mathematics?  

And remember, the amazing story of how Alana Quartuccio, the lead singer, had a tumor removed which resulted in her losing her voice and hearing in one ear?  

And remember how the band - Ali McDowell, guitarist; Mary Beth Kochmar, bassist; and drummer Dan Peacock - talked about sticking it out during Alana's recovery?  

And, finally, remember how Six To Eight was making a comeback by headlining a local show here in New Jersey on June 24 at the Clash Bar in Clifton, New Jersey?  

How did it go?  

Well Runnin' Down a Dream had their cameras on hand and check this video out!  

Enjoy the photos below we took of the show!  


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