Monday, July 20, 2015

How to Write a Ghost Story - INTERVIEW: Linda Zimmermann

One need not wait until October for a good ghost story. Turn on the Discovery Channels, surf the podcasts and we see everyone loves a good story about something that goes bump in the night.

A friend of this site is Linda Zimmermann and she is the Ghost Investigator!

Not only is Ms. Zimmermann hunter of ghosts, she is also an amazing writer of ghost stories! Ms. Zimmermann sat down with us and talked about how she turns her paranormal investigations into paranormal stories. She must be doing something correct as she is working on her 13th GHOST INVESTIGATOR book!

We also talk with her about her Ghost Investigating associates - writer/police officer Michael Worden and paranormal psychic Barbara Bleitzhofer.

Listen in!

Don Smith Writes/SVT Publishing Interview: Linda Zimmermann, Paranormal Writer/Author from Don Smith on Vimeo.

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