Friday, February 6, 2015

Amy Chace, Avante Garde and All Around Awesome Artist

Amy Chace is a bombastic and artistic personality. As much as she can be seen behind the microphone of the underground punk/heavy metal scene, she is also apt to have a paintbrush in hand. Where most artists are working with paper and canvas, Ms. Chace will use old pieces of wood, long forgotten pages from encyclopedias and she will create graphic novels and sequential art stories that push all bounds.

Her work can be described as multi-medium neo-avante gard American folk art. This talented Long Island, New York based artist has been sharing her work with the world and now she is sharing some of her philosophy with us at "Runnin' Down a Dream!" 

QUESTION: I have heard many artists say that they begin in life with a crayon and paper and it just stuck with them, is that the case with you?

AMY CHACE: I did start with crayons as a kid, and as a matter of fact, I just bought some new crayons yesterday and have been experimenting anew with them. They can be magical.

Especially if you press really hard with bright colors!

Part of this piece [which I recently posted] was done with my new crayons:

[To me] it is about letting go and relaxing. All does not need to be perfect in order to be perfect.

QUESTION: Most artists tend to work with one medium (ie. paper, canvas...) but you like to work with other materials (ie. wood, fabric, old newspapers or encyclopedia pages), do you have a particular favorite item you like to work with?

AMY CHACE: I go through phases and cycles with materials. Once I was all about painting on wood. For a minute, I was all about shadow boxes. Right now, I am in the process of moving, so I am all about using materials that I have on hand.

But I did run out of brown, so crayons were purchased...and I am taking a break from sawing stuff, so it will probably be back to canvas for me for a while.

But canvas is not my favorite. It moves when you paint on it. I don't like that. [I'll shout] "Stop moving! I am trying to do something! [You're] rude!"

QUESTION: Do you have a philosophy as you create? Do you feel inspired and find yourself saying, "I have to put this down ASAP!"? Do you keep a notebook with you at all times?

AMY CHACE: Sometimes I have an idea and I have to write it down right away so I don't forget. Other times, I start a painting and it goes where it wants to go on its own. Lately, I have been starting with a concept, but then I let it evolve on the canvas or paper.

I am trying to not be a bully with the work. I let it be what it wants it wants to be. [I find] it will lead you along a path. [Granted it is] a path that you started, but divine guidance or whatever you want to call it, will help you finish it.

QUESTION: I know some artists who have periods of productivity, and then go through months of "creative quietness", does that happen for you? If so, do you ever get worried you'd lose that creative spark?

AMY CHACE: I go through stages and, also, sometimes I get busy with other parts of life, but the creative part is always there in my soul. It waits for me to get time to put pen to paper or paint to canvas. It's my friend, and it would never abandon me.

I worry about everything except losing my creativity. The spark is not mine to own, it just lives here with me.

QUESTION: Where can art lovers find your work?

AMY CHACE: Oh [my work is in] so many places!

For prints and products (like pillows) go here. For original works, that I consider my more conceptual work, you can go to my Outsider Art shop here

For my super affordable more fun and frolicky art, visit here.

I have a site for fabric and wrapping paper here. That site only has one design currently, but I will be doing some scanning and adding to that site soon so stay tuned!

And I am on Instagram here.

QUESTION: Amy, thank you so much for your time today! It is amazing to hear a bit of your philosophy in art!

AMY CHACE: Well before I head out, I would like to mention some things I love [that inspire me]!

QUESTION: Feel free too!

AMY CHACE: Snowmen, but not real ones, but cute illustrations of them. I enjoy My Little Pony and Mini Lalaloopy dolls and Monster High dolls and weird vinyl toys from Japan.

Also - goats, because "they be so cray cray." 

Cats are very helpful and never in the way. (That is sarcasm from a cat lover). ..

And also, I live on coffee and fancy ass creamers, so buy my art! I just used the last of the creamer THIS MORNING!!! ACK!

QUESTION: Of course, as a proud owner of several of Amy Chace's pieces, help keep her in "fancy ass" creamers!

Thanks, Amy!

AMY CHACE: Thank you!

NOTE: All images courtesy of Amy Chace.

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