Monday, August 5, 2013

Jennifer Sarzo: Artist Extraordinaire

Jennifer Sarzo

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then artist Jennifer Sarzo has a lot to say! 
This New Jersey based artist is working to get the word out about her artwork, while working a regular job, being a student and being a full time mother. 

Runnin' Down a Dream had to talk with this amazing young woman and ask her what goes into being an independent artist. 

QUESTION: Do you remember the first time you picked up a pen or crayon to draw? 

JENNIFER SARZO: I remember when I had to be about 6 or 7 and my grandmother had a sort of “craft drawer” and my bother and cousins would always draw together. From then on, I’ve always had an eye for drawing and color.  Bought some acrylic paint one day and from there on I just experimented for a while. I also have inspiration from watching PBS’s Donna Dewberry’s one stroke painting and that helped me a lot with coordination and precision. 

Good times.

QUESTION: What inspires you, meaning where do you go to inspired? Do you like hanging out in museums, watch your child, read or listen to music? 

JENNIFER SARZO: It depends on my mood really. I like funky but I also like fun when I paint. Those are good combos in my eye. I really haven’t been to many museums lately but I want to. I paint and crochet in my spare time when my baby bean is napping or sleeping. Music is always good to listen to while I’m brewing up an idea. It helps a lot. 

QUESTION: What type of mediums do you work with? 

JENNIFER SARZO: I’ve experimented with oil and acrylic when it comes to painting. I prefer acrylic just because it dries faster. It’s fun to use it with a sponge mixed with glitter to give it a nice rough texture.
Jennifer Sazo at a recent show in Rutherford, NJ.

QUESTION: At this point in your career, what is more important - perfecting your craft or keeping a dream alive? 

JENNIFER SARZO: At this point, I’d like to have both done. Perfecting my craft is being a well-known artist and people can use my talents for their personal taste. I’d like to be able to decorate someone’s home with a wide style of wall art custom made just how they want it. I’d also to have my floral capabilities available and have them put into good use to brighten up occasions and events. I’m currently enrolled as a floral design major/horticulture so I would like to expand my knowledge and talent through designing flowers. Furthermore, my beanie hats are great for the fall and winter time. I find it very therapeutic crocheting and I love getting orders for certain colors or designs because I’m always down for a challenge.

QUESTION: How do you balance motherhood with being an artist? 

JENNIFER SARZO: Oh it’s tough right now between balancing school and the baby but I make it work. When he sleeps, and the house is clean, I squeeze in that bit of time into my art. Especially when he goes to bed for the whole night. I have the whole night to put in an hour or two of painting or crocheting. Plus, Daddy, Grandma, and Uncle T are always there to help me out big time so it’s all good.

QUESTION: Who are some artists you enjoy? 
JENNIFER SARZO: Clive Barker. 

He has an awesome imagination when it comes to painting and its mesmerizing to look at if I had to name one person. I love that he creates these paintings then includes them as characters in his novels then projects them in his movies.
 I also love watching Syfy's Channel's show "FaceOff," TLC had a show called "Crafts Wars" which was awesome. I also like gazing through Martha Stewart magazines, as well.

QUESTION: While you are getting your site up, where can people see your stuff? 

JENNIFER SARZO: Well, I have a Facebook page but I need to really fix it big time. In the meantime, you can look at my Facebook page here and ask me questions. I need to be a little more organized but some of my artwork, beanies, and floral designs are mixed up on there.

QUESTION: Thanks, Jen! 

JENNIFER SARZO: Thank you for your interest!

All images courtesy of Jennifer Sarzo.

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