Monday, May 27, 2013

The Art of David G. Hardy

Not too long ago, my buddy Don Smith introduced to me to a very talented artist named David G. Hardy.

David is an incredibly talented artist; his specialty is characters from the monster movies of his childhood during the '50s and '60s. What's more, he possesses this infectious personality and enthusiasm that I was drawn to immediately.

David and I crossed paths again a couple of weekends ago when he was the guest at a meeting of the Science Fiction Society of Northern New Jersey (SFSNNJ) over at the Well Read bookstore.

Photo credit: David G. Hardy
Photo credit: David G. Hardy

A day or two prior to the SFSNNJ meeting, the random thought popped into my head to ask David about doing a sketch of Elisabeth Sladen for me. I happened to be talking to Don around that same time, and as if he could read my mind, Don made the same suggestion to me. So that Saturday night, as the group of us said our goodbyes outside a local diner we'd gone to after the meeting, Don asked David about the sketch for me (I wasn't there; don't even ask why because it's a long story).

He said yes (Like I thought he wouldn't?).

Of course, I began to geek out the minute David posted the rough drafts of two sketches on his Facebook page several days later. I decided which one I wanted him to go forward with - a beautiful capture of Lis from the classic 1975 Doctor Who episode Robot -  and eagerly awaited the result.

Here is the original screen capture from Robot:

And here is what David came up with:

I seriously think that if Elisabeth Sladen herself could see this, even she would be impressed. I mean, really, David is that good! The man truly knows his craft and puts his very heart and soul into it.

I picked the finished sketch up from David on Saturday; I literally went straight from his house to A.C. Moore for a frame because geeked out, beyond excited little me wanted to do this right - and right away. I snagged that great black wooden frame for a mere $3.00 (thank you, 40% off coupons)!

So now all that remains is getting my beautiful sketch mounted on the wall in my bedroom. I can't wait! :)

For more info on David and his artwork, you can find him on Facebook.