Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Runnin' Down a Dream with Musician Vito Gregoli

As is noted, we love music here and we love sharing some of the cool musicians we have talked to with the world.

Case in point, Vito Gregoli.

This talented award winning singer/songwriter/musician has been making a name for himself in and out of California, not just as a performer, but as a producer. He produced the acclaimed album Grace Notes for actress Daphne Ashbrook (Sure, Ashbrook is his girlfriend, but she is multi-talented and people love her and her album!).

Runnin' Down a Dream was able to talk to Gregoli about his latest project, Primordial Sonics, we talked music in general, we discussed pop music versus the independent scene and of course we made a nod or two to a certain a Time Lord which Ashbrook is friends with. 

You can visit Gregoli's website Dharmapala Records here, his You Tube page here, his CD Baby page here, his second CD Baby page here, catch him on Twitter here and his Facebook page here.

Also, check out my interview with both Gregoli and Ashbrook here. We talked music and Doctor Who! 

All images courtesy Vito Gregoli.

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