Monday, April 22, 2013

REVIEW: "I am NOT that Woman" DVD by Caroline Picard

For over a decade, stand up comedy has gone through a "sans gimmick" renaissance of sorts with comedians focusing in on honesty and the darker side of life (with exceptions such as Otto and George). The humor, while crude and vulgar, is reflective of real life.

While most of these comedians make the rounds of the radio shows of shock jocks and morning hosts, much of the focus of these comedians has been either in the Northeast or in California.

However, in the Southern parts of the United States, stand up comedians have been thriving without having to go in a "You might be a redneck” direction. One comedian, Caroline Picard, has been making a name for herself, pounding the pavement and going from club to club all over the country sharing her "straight forward this is who I am " brand of humor.
In her new video, I am NOT that Woman, Picard is raunchy and straight forward. While going on a five minute rant about gluten she drops quickly a fallacious episode and said (basically) if her man had gluten, then she might have had it.

Add to the fact her one prayer in life is, "Jesus, please let me live long enough to see Justin Bieber die" and further adds, "Please let us die on the same day so that I can beat the s--- out of him all the way to heaven!"

While stand up comedy is very much a male dominated world and the entertainment industry is focused on looks and youth, she responds with a shrug and curses out Hollywood. She says that when she turned 60 "I no longer give a s--- about you!"

Her friends encourage her to refrain from sharing her age. She responds, "No! I want to tell people I'm 60 because they say 'You look good at 60!' If I tell them I'm 40 they go, 'Damn, $#@, you've been rode hard!' "

As a fan of hers, and pardon the alliteration, you will laugh hard. Picard can work a crowd and her "tough girl" persona never drifts into the "entitled angry feminist." What you get is someone funny, someone honest and someone worth spending an evening watching.

Check out Caroline Picard's DVD here.

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  1. she sounds hilarious! i will have to check her out. great write up!...b