Sunday, April 28, 2013

DVD REVIEW: "The Sarah Jane Adventures, Season 2"

If you thought that Season 1 of the Doctor Who spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures was interesting, be prepared to enjoy Season 2 even more! Fans of investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith and her teenage sidekicks find themselves dealing with even more remarkable aliens in this next installment of stories, which also see Sarah Jane Smith crossing paths with some familiar foes from her younger days traveling with the Doctor. Fans also bid farewell to Maria Jackson and her dad, Alan, as they leave Bannerman Road for a new start in America after Alan accepts a new job, but when aspiring young journalist Rani Chandra and her parents move into the Jacksons’ old house, Sarah Jane quickly finds herself welcoming a new face to the team.

The boxed DVD set of The Sarah Jane Adventures Season 2 features the series’ original six two-part episodes and includes a bunch of fun special features, including interviews with cast and crew members; a quiz that unlocks bonus footage; a photo gallery; audio clips; UK television spots; character and alien profiles; a gadget glossary; and video trailers.

One thing I really appreciated with this particular season was how the writers addressed Maria’s departure. Maria herself knows she will miss everyone – and everything – she’ll be leaving behind, but yet she’s open to moving to America for the sake of her father. And while Clyde, Luke, and Sarah Jane each openly address how much they will miss Maria throughout the progression of this season, they manage to reconcile those feelings and still be able to welcome Rani into the fold when she moves in during the second episode, Day of the Clown. (Spoiler! Alan and Maria do make a few guest appearances in future seasons, but you didn’t hear that from me!).

Favorite Episode: The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith. I really loved this episode because not only do viewers gain insight into Sarah Jane’s past, but the storyline is fraught with drama when Sarah Jane is duped by one of the most evil beings of all into making the toughest decision of her life – one that will not only make a huge impact her own life but affect the fate of planet Earth itself.

My favorite scene: Toward the end of The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith, when her parents realize who she really is – and that although they don’t fully understand how the adult self of their baby daughter came to be with them at that moment, they are thrilled that she “came all that way to see” them in the past.

My Favorite quote: I adore the banter between Luke and Sarah Jane during the scene in The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith where Luke discovers Sarah Jane trying to sneak out of the house dressed in a pink ‘50’s style dress:

Luke: “Where’d you get the clothes?”
Sarah Jane: “Back of my wardrobe. Simple, classic – they’ll do the job.”
Luke: “You used to wear that? Seriously?!”
Sarah Jane: “The ‘50s came back in the ‘70s! I remember when this was quite the thing!”

My rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Season 2 is available on Amazon as a boxed DVD set and also through Amazon Instant Video.

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