Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Thirteen Reasons Why" I Love "The Future of Us"

Okay, so there's only ONE reason why I love The Future of Us:


This writer was in the presence of YA writing royalty (okay, at least they're royalty to me)!

Carolyn and Jay chose the Barnes & Noble in Princeton, New Jersey as the very first stop on their official book tour to promote The Future of Us. As soon as Jay announced the tour schedule and I saw that they were coming to New Jersey I knew I had to go even though I'd have to travel a LONG WAY to get there. I'd never been to Princeton before so I looked on this as an adventure - and that it was! I finally found the store after traveling over fifty miles in a little over two hours; I also ran into lots of traffic jams on Route 1, the highway the store was located on. I ended up arriving to the event fifteen minutes late, but it was okay because Jay and Carolyn spent the beginning part of the event talking about their books and taking questions from the audience.

Then, after the talk, was the actual book signing!!! Since I'm Facebook friends with both Jay and Carolyn, plus I've been following Jay's blog and I won their last giveaway, I feel like I've gotten to know them kinda personally, so meeting them in the flesh was TOTALLY COOL! I didn't expect them to know me immediately, of course, but after I'd introduced myself and reminded them of the blog giveaway we talked like old friends. Carolyn teased me about the "stack of books" I'd won, hinting that I "have a lot of catching up to do." And when I asked Jay about his one-year-old son, Isaiah, we ended up discussing Skype. And Jay told me that he'd seen my latest Facebook status update in which I posted about coming there. It was, well, somewhat surreal.

The writer in me did plan ahead, though: I also managed to squeeze in some networking by giving both Jay and Carolyn copies of my business card. I mean, you just never know what that simple act could lead to? What if, years from now, I've written my first real novel? It's not impossible to consider that they could both write a blurb for it. Just imagine!

On the topic of books, since I couldn't really meet them without having them sign a book, I'd originally figured I would just buy a copy of the one novel Carolyn hadn't sent me for the giveaway - Love and Other Four Letter Words - but the store had sold out of it, so I decided to do something a little more special and bought a copy of The Future of Us for my friend Margie, since she'd been eager to read the book and had wanted to join me last night but couldn't because she teaches on Tuesday nights.

So, all in all, I had a really good time last night. It was a fun adventure that I'm likely never to forget - but that's okay, because I don't want to! :)

(Just a little side note: I gave Margie the book this afternoon and She. Was. Floored. I got hugged twice because of it!)


  1. This is great! The Future of Us looks so good! Sounds like an exciting event :)

  2. The book was terrific, Carrie! I couldn't bear to put it down. You'll definitely have to check it out!