Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Goffle Road Murders

My best friend Don's newest historical novel, The Goffle Road Murders, has finally been released! After putting in at least eight years' worth of work on this book, Don had his very first book signing at our local indie bookstore, Well Read New & Used Books.

Even with the threat of Hurricane Irene on the horizon,
the crowd that showed up was pretty decent.

After talking about his research and answering questions,
Don signed copies of his book.

(That's his friend Nicole, who I met for the first today)

I am SO proud of Don! He is a great guy, a terrific writer, and has been such a supportive friend to me in these last several years, always willing to lend a helping hand or listening ear in regard to my own fledgling writing career.

Being that I am the Queen of Shameless Plugs, of course I am going to urge you to buy Don's book! It's available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as directly through the publisher, History Press (search "Goffle Road Murders" to find it). Whether you're a current or former resident of Hawthorne, New Jersey, a fan of local history, or a history buff in general, I guarantee that you will enjoy this book! Even if you're not into history at all, this book will surely appeal to you because of the way it was crafted. In the words of local young adult novelist Margie Gelbwasser, "[the book] reads like your favorite thriller only it's more frightening because it's fact."

So if you'd like to get the inside story of the grisly murder that happened in Hawthorne, New Jersey, on January 09, 1850, pick up your copy of The Goffle Road Murders by Don E. Smith today! :)

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