Monday, July 20, 2015

Mylo's Vacation Journal: Day 6

Woof! It's me again, Mylo the canine blogger, here with more tails of adventure!

Our routine this morning was a little different because although we woke up at our usual time, grandpa took us on our first walk but it was auntie who fed us! Lucky made sure to keep both auntie and grandpa in close view when we got back, because he said he could tell something was up. I told Lucky I bet that auntie has to do that thing she calls 'work' again, because she wasn't paying as much attention to us as she usually does, and whenever Lucky would look at her she'd say, "You know, don't you?" Know what? I wondered. But then later, she left the house and didn't come back for a long time - just like the other day! At least grandpa was around to feed us, take us out to do our business, and play with us until she came home. We spent most of our day inside again because it was really hot, which was OK with us! Later on, auntie finally came home and Lucky and I got super excited! We got so excited that both of us were jumping in the air, which made auntie laugh.

Not only are we dogs, but we're comedians too! Hey..."canine comedians" - I like the sound of that! I should write that never know when something like that might come in paw-y!

After auntie got home she helped grandma and grandpa get their supper ready. And even though Lucky and I had already eaten our supper, auntie and grandpa slipped me some bits of carrot from their bag of salad. Lucky says carrots disgust him (sometimes he can be such a drama dog), but after supper grandpa was making a sandwich in the kitchen and he slipped Lucky a piece of tuna fish...and Lucky LOVED it! Now we both have a favorite food treat that makes us happy. :)

8:30 PM - Woof! Woof! Our moms came to pick us up early! We love grandma, grandpa and auntie, but Lucky and I have to admit that we are SO HAPPY to be going home! This is Mylo, officially signing off! Goodbye, and thanks for reading our tails of adventure!

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lucky's Vacation Journal: Day 5

Welcome back, human readers! Lucky here, hoping you're having a good day and keeping cool! Here where I am, it's SUPER hot! Thank my lucky paws there's air conditioning to keep us comfortable.

Are you ready? It's time for...

of our vacation journal!

Our morning was not the most exciting today, if I do say so myself. First, we got up with auntie around our usual time and did our business, although we kept it short because boy was it hot outside! When we came back inside to have breakfast, auntie and grandma acted surprised that the weather report on TV said today was going to reach 92 degrees! I'm guessing that's really hot because grandma kept telling auntie to make sure Mylo and I stayed cool, and to keep our walks short. I wasn't worried, though, because I know auntie (and grandma and grandpa) always takes good care of us! I certainly didn't mind spending time inside, relaxing in the air conditioning, because I don't like sweating through my fur!

When we came in from our after-breakfast walk, Mylo and I wrestled with each other for a little while, which is always fun. At one point after that auntie went outside, and she said she'd be right back but to me and Mylo she was gone for a really long time! When she came back inside again I showered her with licks and love bites, and she kept telling me I was being silly but I couldn't help myself! Auntie finally managed to calm me down, because even though I don't always understand what she says to me, when her voice is quiet I relax.

Since it was so hot out today, Mylo and I didn't go for our usual walks around the neighborhood with auntie. Anytime we had to do our business, we went in the backyard instead, and we didn't stay out for long. Mylo and I still enjoyed ourselves, though, because the backyard still has plenty of interesting places to explore! At one point Mylo and I heard a weird bird chirping and we tried to investigate but auntie wouldn't let us get too far so we just barked at the trees instead and eventually the chirping stopped. 

Because it was so hot today, auntie spoiled us by keeping two bowls of water in the house so we could always have a nice cold drink wherever we were. Her bowl wasn't silver like our other one in the kitchen; this bowl was really strange because it had a pig inside of it! The pig didn't bother me at all, but Mylo didn't like how it kept staring at him every time he went to take a drink, and a couple times he tried to grab the pig but when he put his paw in the bowl, there was nothing there - just the water! I think the pig is what auntie calls a "picture" which means it's not a real pig. But why would anyone want a picture in a bowl that they drink their water from? Humans can be really strange sometimes.

Tonight we got a special treat while auntie and grandpa were making supper - auntie gave us bread! She cut it up in little tiny squares so we wouldn't choke. It tasted good! She gave Mylo and me two little pieces each. We wanted more, but she said no, and we didn't want to make her mad at us so we didn't beg. That made her happy. After we'd all eaten our supper and Mylo and I did our business out in the backyard, we watched TV with auntie and grandpa. It was nice to stay inside in the cool air conditioning and just relax. It really is a dog's life sometimes, you know?

Well, it's nearly bedtime so I'd better stop typing. But come back tomorrow for another installment of Mylo and my "tails" of adventure!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mylo's Vacation Journal: Day 4

Hello human bloggers! It's me, Mylo! Guess what time it is?!

It's Day 4 of my and Lucky's vacation journal!

Today was different than usual because we woke up earlier than usual, around 8 'clock. And instead of auntie, it was grandpa who took us out for our first day's walk this time. 

Anyway, auntie said something about going to "work," whatever that means. She gave us our breakfast when we came inside from our walk and then, after we'd eaten, she left and was gone for a really long time! She missed out on all the excitement, though, when the house started beeping! At first it was kind of quiet, but then it got loud! Grandpa called the noise the "smoke detector." Whatever it is, it scared Lucky so badly that after the noise finally stopped, grandma and grandpa couldn't find him! They eventually did find him, shaking like crazy, hiding so far back inside his crate that he was almost invisible. When Lucky felt brave enough to come out of his crate, he stayed close to grandpa for the rest of the day - until auntie came home, of course. Lucky went out for a walk with grandpa (I didn't want to go, so I waited for them inside) and when they came back, auntie was with them! It was like magic! Lucky and I were both happy again after that, and gave auntie lots of hugs and kisses.

After Lucky and I had our dinner auntie took us for our after-dinner walk, but we didn't walk far because it was really, really hot outside! It was too hot to go exploring, so we just did our business and then came back inside. Then, after grandma, grandpa and auntie had their dinner, Lucky and I relaxed with auntie for the rest of the night. We sat on the porch for awhile, all three of us sharing one chair, which was fun. Auntie read a book and gave Lucky and me belly rubs. Then we went into auntie's room and napped in the air conditioning while she watched TV. She kept telling me "This is good TV" and seemed to really enjoy whatever she was watching, but there were no dogs in it so I wasn't interested.

Well, it's time for bed, so I'll be signing off now. Come back again tomorrow for still more "tails" of vacation adventure with me, Mylo, and my brother Lucky!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Lucky's Vacation Journal: Day 3

Hey, Lucky here again! I'm here to share the further adventures of me and my brother Mylo during our 'staycation' with grandma, grandpa and auntie! So without further ado, here is...

Three days' in, we have successfully established our morning routine: We wake up at 8:15 and take a short walk with auntie to do our business, then we come back for breakfast. Then, after we've cleaned our bowls and let our food digest we take another, longer walk. This time we walked past a big building that had these neat steps with windows on them that I just had to climb! Mylo wasn't into it, but that's okay. We both watched the cars driving by for a few minutes, and I felt like a king on top of my throne! :)

The king surveying his kingdom
After we got home from that walk, auntie gave Mylo and me each a little bone. Mylo gobbled his up quickly, like I do when I eat breakfast, but I didn't know what to make of my bone at first. It must taste good if Mylo ate his, and I'll admit that it does smell like bacon...

...but I ultimately decided that I didn't want to eat it - I wanted to keep it near me at all times.

I'll admit, I got a little too possessive of my bone.

Ultimately this was a very bad decision because at one point Mylo was standing close to me and I thought he was going to steal my bone from me - so I picked a fight with him, and I scratched his face! I didn't mean for that to happen, but I got so worried that he was going to steal my bone that I just reacted. Grandma, grandpa and auntie got really mad and yelled at me. They also said I had to apologize and say sorry to Mylo, which I did, because I really do love my brother! Everything was fine between us after that, although I'm still worried that grandma, grandpa and auntie might never stop being mad at me. They say they're not, but I just don't know about humans sometimes!

Tonight after supper we took our usual walk with grandpa and auntie. I was relaxing with auntie while she watched a movie called Uncle Buck, but my tummy was hurting and I threw up a little bit. I'm glad Auntie was there to help me out! Now I'm taking it easy with grandpa and Mylo on the couch while they watch a show about cars. Auntie says I got sick because I ate something I wasn't supposed to earlier today. She doesn't seem to be mad at me, so I'm happy about that.

Tune in tomorrow for more "tails" of adventure!


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mylo's Vacation Journal: Day 2

Hi there everyone! Mylo here. Today it's my turn to write. I can't wait to tell you about everything Lucky and I have been up to!

It's only our second day staying with grandma, grandpa, and auntie, but it's been a really great day! This morning we all got up again at 8:15. Lucky and auntie were sleeping so deeply that I had to be their canine alarm clock! I wasn't mean, though; I just whined a little bit, and then auntie got up and looked at the time and said, "Well, I guess we'd better get up, huh?" She took me outside to do my business first so Lucky could get a few more minutes of shut-eye, and then she took him out while I stayed inside with grandma. Then we all had breakfast! Lucky gobbled his up real fast just like he did yesterday, but I once again took my time because it's important to enjoy your food, and you can't do that if you scarf it down, am I right? You know I am!

After breakfast we took a really fantastic walk! There were just so many great spots to sniff that I just wanted to keep walking! Lucky enjoyed it too - twice we had to stop because that goofball brother of mine decided to roll around in the grass, twisting and twitching and flinging his paws in the air! It was so embarrassing! As much as I enjoyed the walking part, I also noticed that there were lots of comfortable, shady spots to stop and sit, too. Auntie laughed and called me silly when I stopped, because I walked around in a circle before sitting down, just like when I have to go poo! Silly auntie, I sure fooled her. But the world is such an interesting place, you have to remember sometimes to stop and really pay attention to what's going on around you!

My favorite place to explore is definitely the local library, though. I wish they would let me and Lucky to come inside, even though auntie said that's not allowed - only 'service' dogs, whatever they are. The library has a big grassy area in the front and in the back, with lots of trees and bushes and even benches to sit on! I met two really nice ladies who told me how cute I was and gave me lots of pats; they didn't even mind when I jumped up onto the table they were sitting at and I started looking inside their bags! Auntie told me to get down and stop being so nosy, but the ladies just laughed about it. 

A little while after we got back home, the loud noises from yesterday started up again! At one point I stood in the corner of the dining room and barked really loud, because the noise was right underneath my paws! I don't know what's going on downstairs, but if it keeps going Lucky is going to really lose his marbles because he gets so scared! I can basically I just roll with it, as my humans say, because it's just part of the adventure of life!

After supper tonight we went for a walk with auntie and grandpa, and we met a new friend! I forget what his name was already. His human said he was much younger than me and Lucky, but you'd never know it because he was twice our size! He was very nice, though! I wish we could have played with him all night!

Now it's late and nearly bedtime, so this is Mylo signing off...until next time!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lucky's Vacation Journal: Day 1

Note: My four-legged nephews, Lucky and Mylo, are going to be guest-posting while they're on vacation at our house this week. I thought it would be a cool, since I haven't written here in awhile myself and because we always have fun and interesting adventures when the boys why not let them take over while they're here?So for the next seven days, I'm turning the blog over to Lucky and Mylo. Enjoy!

Hello! Lucky here. I've never kept a journal before, but there's a first time for everything, right? Or should I say..."write," ha ha! My brother Mylo and I are staying for the week with grandma, grandpa, and auntie while our moms are at the beach, and since auntie says we always seem to have fun and interesting adventures whenever we stay with her, I decided maybe this time I should write things down as they happen.

Here I go then!!!

Mylo and I slept in today; we didn't get up until 8:15! We were tired last night because our moms dropped us off when it was nearly our bedtime anyway, and it was so nice and quiet in auntie's room...

After we got up and had a drink of water, auntie took us out for a little walk but we didn't stay out for long because it was already getting hot outside! We did our business and then auntie asked if we wanted some breakfast, which I got very excited about, so we hurried back inside the house. Unfortunately I have a bad habit of eating my food really quickly so I was finished before Mylo. Everyone is always telling me to slow down, but the food tastes so good I can't help myself! Anyway, after Mylo and I finished breakfast we rested for awhile; my favorite spot is the big orange flowered chair on the porch and Mylo sat and watched TV with auntie on the couch. Unfortunately Mylo heard a noise outside and started barking, which startled auntie and she spilled her coffee all over her white t-shirt! She wasn't mad - she actually laughed about it! Then she finished her coffee, changed her clothes, and took us out for another walk. This time Mylo accidentally (I hope) peed on me, but I forgave him. That's what brothers are for, right? ;)

After that walk we spent a good amount of time inside, keeping cool by the air conditioner. We kept hearing noises and we barked good and loud to let our presence be known! After awhile auntie took us for yet another walk (have I mentioned how much Mylo and I just love going outside?!), but THEN she put us in our crates and was gone FOREVER! We were so happy when she came back, both Mylo and I just licked her and licked her (plus her fingers smelled like cheese)! Then we went for another walk over to this big brick building auntie said was a Library, whatever that is. There were people sitting outside in front and in back; one of the ladies told us a fire alarm went off but that nothing was on fire. I think that's a good thing. But I got scared around all the people - the big ones kept saying hello to me, and a few little humans tried to pet me, but I just stayed close to auntie. Then we came home and there was all this loud noise coming from downstairs, which scared me even more than those little I spent some time under auntie's bed, and then after that I didn't let her out of my sight! Wherever she went, I went too. I don't think she liked it too much, but I was so scared!

After supper, auntie took us for yet another walk, and Mylo made friends with a little human named Dominic. I think Mylo would have kept playing with him all night! I, on the other hand, totally wasn't interested. Dominic's grandpa and mommy kept trying to pet me and talk to me, but I ignored them. 

Well, that's all for Day 1 of our vacation adventure! It's dark outside now, and so Mylo and I are hanging out on the couch watching TV with grandpa. Auntie is in the next room, and there's a really nice breeze coming through the windows, so I am feeling really comfortable and safe now! 

Check back tomorrow for more "tails" of adventure from Mylo and me!